While everyone was talking about Naranjito, we started growing lemons

Who we are is as important as where we are. And, in this case, we’re in the ideal place to produce citrus fruits with the best quality and organoleptic properties. In fact, the lemons harvested here are so special that you’ll see them on the city coat of arms and flag.


We currently have 20,000 m² facilities, with a production capacity of more than 50,000 tons between the two production lines: conventional and organic. In addition, to control each m² and produce as efficiently as possible, we have a team of more than 400 people.


We understand agriculture from our love for the land, respect for the product and care for the people. Collaboration, empathy and dedication. That’s precisely why we created a cooperative and not a ‘competitive’.


We represent all our farming partners, defend their values and advocate for our own controlled production that helps us to be flexible to market demand, as well as to provide supply capacity throughout the year.

The Limonar in figures


Production: M. kg

Total production in kilos

Limon convencional

Conventional lemons: M. kg

Limon ecologico

Organic: M. kg

Organic farming


Lemons M. kg


Oranges M. kg


Tangerines 1,5 M. kg


Grapefruits 1,5 M. kg

Partners’ growing area

Hectareas de cultivo



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