Corporate/Cooperative social responsibility

For us, offering the best lemons doesn’t just mean giving you a better product, a better service and better customer care. It means looking after everything around us as a cooperative, as consumers and as people who want a better future for everyone. Perhaps that’s why our social responsibility’s not corporate. It’s cooperative.


Company registered in the State Register of Good Commercial Practices of Food Procurement, with Code No. 032017101002, in accordance with Article 7 of Royal Decree 64/2014, which partially develops Law 212/2013, of August 2, on measures to improve the food chain.

This is our code of ethics


Here we gather our corporate principles, and it’s one of the tools with which we promote and contribute to implement these principles continuously and transversally over time.

This is our management policy


Our management policy determines the principles on which we base each of our actions and decisions on food safety, but also on quality and occupational safety and health.